In our company the first step of production is the choice of wood of high quality.

As we have our own sawmill, it’s possible for us to receive the whole tree and cut it into different sizes of planks we need.


While sawing a tree it’s very important to respect the direction of the wood. We take care for cutting the wood alongside the grain but it’s also important to look for the face side of the wood.


Every tree is checked separately if it has a good quality.



After the tree is cut into the right size of planks, they are stocked outdoor in the nature on our storage area of about 8000 m2.


The wood for the casks is used for the production after a natural drying time between four and seven years.


As we have our own sawmill we are able to produce:

·     with wood which is checked separately

·     with perfect storage and in case of that

·     with very high quality