The company exists since 1628 and was taken over
by family Schneckenleitner in 1880.


20 years ago, there were just 3 men working for the company: Herbert and Alfred Schneckenleitner with their father Ägydius Schneckenleitner.

Nowadays Paul Schneckenleitner, the son of Herbert, is working with his 2 brothers
and 6 – 7 employees.


Barrels are produced traditional round and oval.

Today, it’s essential to find the best quality of wood to obtain a good maturation of wine. 

Of course the choice of the raw material is very important.

The wood which is used for the production comes from France (Allier, Tronçais, Nevers, Limousin) and Austria (Manhartsberg, Ybbstal, Steiermark) but we also make barrels of Acacia or Slavonic oak.

 The wood for the barriques is split by hand. It dries naturally for 3 years on our storage area.